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Garbage Disposal Repair

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Garbage disposals are handy kitchen appliances that some consider a luxury and others deem a necessity. Disposers can quickly liquefy waste from food preparation or leftovers. When inoperative, they can also be a frustration, requiring that all food within be removed before garbage disposal repair.

Fortunately, with minimal maintenance, a garbage disposal can last many years without major repair. Simple maintenance includes ensuring that a disposer’s enemies — grease, large items, hard items, fibrous foods — be eliminated from its diet.

Also make sure that water is running while the disposal is operating so that ground-up kitchen waste can be swept down the drain and not solidify inside the appliance.

How Garbage Disposals Work

A garbage disposal is a motorized small appliance. The motor turns a flywheel to which impellers are loosely attached. Food waste within the chamber is repeatedly hit and cut by these rotating impellers, grinding it into small particles that can be flushed through the drain pipe and into the septic system.

Some garbage disposals include an intake line for a dishwasher. The entire unit is attached to the sink using a flange, ring, and mounting bolts.

How to Repair a Garbage Disposal

Common garbage disposal repairs include:

  • servicing a flywheel
  • hoses and seals, and
  • a worn impeller

Many times, it can be cheaper to buy a new garbage disposal unit than do the repair your current unit. Finn Plumbing will guide you to the best and cheapest solution for your garbage disposal repair in Naperville. We pride ourselves in phenomenal service and in getting our clients the best plumbing repairs at the most reasonable price.